Canadian guitar and mandolin makers, Seagull, manufacture all of their instruments in Canada throughout every step of the process. They have been doing the same thing since the company was founded in 1982 by Robert Godin in LaPatrie, Quebec. LaPatrie is tiny town with less than 500 people, but nearly half of them are professional luthiers that work for Seagull.

Their mandolin model lineup is not very large. It is basically the same instrument for all three of it’s models too – two different colors and an electric version. Ultimately, you won’t find quality hand-crafted musical instruments like these anywhere else for a price like these. For this reason, Seagull is recommended for both beginners and intermediates, especially if they have a limited budget.

Their mandolins are only a couple hundred more than the cheap import brands, but these are truly no comparison so they are well worth the investment to buy one of these as a first-time instrument instead of getting something cheap that you will quickly grow out of and want to upgrade. They made not be made in the USA, but they’re also not cheaply made in China. The company takes a lot of pride in their work and it shows. The only downside is that the body’s are made with laminate maple, but they use solid wood for the top.

It’s important to understand that these instruments are really a magnificent quality for the price. They stay in tune, the frets don’t buzz and it projects sound great for such a small mandolin. A lot of people complain of a “tinny”, twangy sound from cheaper instruments, but you won’t find that with Seagull’s. This makes them one of our recommended budget brands for any musician that needs a quality, affordable instrument.

Seagull S8 SG – Natural
The “Natural” S8 SG model has a semi-gloss finish that leaves the natural look of the wood intact.

While this may look plain to some people, it’s truly a beautiful design and a work of supreme craftsmanship.

Sitka spruce top hand crafted from a solid piece with a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard.

Seagull S8 SG – Burnt Amber
The Burnt Amber model takes the design of the S8 another step by applying a burnt amber finish to the wood before it receives a semi-gloss coat.

As with all S8 SG models, the neck goes through the body, which helps to provide a superior tone for this series.

Seagull S8 EQ (Electric)
The S8 EQ is an acoustic electric version of the same series. This model has a sunburst finish that is similar to the Burnt Amber design but a bit darker.

The high-fidelity pickup with tone and volume controls allow you to get loud with your playing when needed.

Perfect for playing as either an acoustic or electric to suit the situation, making this a very versatile mandolin.